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    Scott Sorenson, MD
    Sixteen–year old Olivia Kuenzel was referred to Wyoming Orthopedics & Spine during a visit to the CCMG Walk–in Clinic in late 2021 for a problem with her knees.

    I originally saw Olivia for knee pain, said Dr. Scott Sorenson. However, during the exam I noticed that Olivia had significant scoliosis, or curvature of the spine.

    Dr. Sorenson is a general orthopedic surgeon who has additional fellowship training in adolescent spinal deformity (scoliosis) surgery.

    Olivia's condition, called Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis, occurs in 3 to 5% of teenage kids, and is often associated with growth spurts. In some young people the curvature of the spine can continue to increase as they get older, impacting their daily lives and eventually causing arthritis and other medical challenges.

    Olivia's x–rays showed a 60 degree curve in her spine, and it was too pronounced for a back brace to help slow down the progression, said Dr. Sorenson. This type of scoliosis can come on quickly, and can be readily seen if one shoulder is higher than the other, one shoulder blade sticks out, or the trunk appears to be asymmetrical.

    Olivia was self–conscious about her appearance, and didn't want to wear tight clothing or even look in a mirror. She knew that there was a history of scoliosis in her family, and had been prescribed a back brace when she was younger.

    Dr. Sorenson recommended surgery for her scoliosis, and Olivia had a procedure called a posterior spinal fusion on December 29, 2021. During the four–hour surgery Dr. Sorenson inserted metal rods and screws in Olivia's back to realign her spine in the correct position so the bones could fuse and prevent further deformity. He performed many of these procedures before coming to Gillette, in his previous orthopedic practice in Texas, but Olivia's surgery was the first one performed at Campbell County Health. Olivia stayed three nights in the hospital, and has to avoid sports and strenuous activity for about four more months. An immediate benefit for Olivia was that she increased in height by 1 ½ inches after the surgery.

    I don't have the weird pain all the time that I used to have, said Olivia. I didn't think it (the surgery) would make this much difference in my life. You should take action and not be scared.

    Dr. Sorenson gave us great care, said Olivia's mom Marcie Deel. He had a patient waiting after us, but took the time to talk to me about what he thought he could do to help my daughter.

    I just want families to know that that they don't have to travel out of town for expert pediatric orthopedic care, including scoliosis, fracture care and sports medicine injuries said Dr. Sorenson. We have skilled people and great facilities right here.

    Dr. Sorenson attended medical school at the University of Utah School of Medicine, and completed an Orthopedic Surgery residency at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA. He completed a Fellowship in Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta, GA.

    In addition to his specialized scoliosis training, Dr. Sorenson performs general orthopedic surgery. This includes hip and knee replacement surgery, foot and ankle surgery and knee and shoulder arthroscopy

    Make an appointment with Dr. Sorenson at Wyoming Orthopedics & Spine, 307–686–1413.
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